Tyrone and Leanne Jones commenced in the Queensland grocery industry in a small supermarket in Brisbane in 1995. Since that time, with the help of their dedicated and determined staff and management teams they have evolved into a group of nine exceptionally presented supermarkets in the southern suburbs of Brisbane.

The Jones most recent developments were at Manly Village with a refurbishment currently taking place and at Mount Cotton with the upgrade of their flagship store developing into a Supa IGA approximately 2.5x the size of their original.

IGA Manly Village is located in a conveniently situated village opposite the harbour. Manly Harbour Village is a charming seaside precinct just 30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, boasting a lively atmosphere of entertainment, boutique shopping and farmers market/craft market experiences.

IGA Manly Village might be known for its 30-year history on the bayside but the business has taken on a whole new dimension in 2018. Bought in late 2017, Jones Retail Group are currently undergoing a significant refurbishment to the establishment. IGA Manly Village store manager Peter Bounds believes there is a bright future for the store, improving their offer through reduced prices, improved fresh food offerings and renovations.

The fruit and vegetable produce section is colourful, well presented and exudes freshness. Fresh flowers are always available. The delicatessen is a major feature of this store making available an extensive range of cheeses, meats, gourmet items and freshly cooked delicacies. Top quality products are sourced from local suppliers in the immediate area which is rich in agriculture and farming activities. Staff take great pride in the presentation of all departments to ensure the store is looking 100% all of the time. There is a culture of providing customers with more than what people expect!

Manly Store

Supa IGA Mount Cotton opened its doors in December 2018 with the Redland’s community showing their strong support and praise for its unique range. The supermarket has been enticing not only Redland’s residents by patrons from the suburbs of Brisbane with an outstanding fresh food range and competitive pricing as key reasons in making the journey.

Features of this extraordinary supermarket include a walk-in Fromagerie; Café offering indoor and alfresco dining with an all-day breakfast menu; Gifting and Homewares; Gourmet Butchery with butcher’s on-site; Fishmonger producing quality products with daily meal solutions; handcrafted Sushi freshly prepared by our team and a Health food department to rival any in the area.

Supa IGA Mount Cotton support their community by sponsoring many local events and charities and by employing more than 150 team members. The team recognise a community with individual wants and needs and are proud to serve their locals with an outstanding shopping experience. Great service, outstanding fresh produce and a unique range of hard to source delicacies from around the world are just a few of the reasons to entice a visit to Supa IGA Mount Cotton – a destination in itself.

Mt. Cotton Store